We professionally begin by scanning and obtaining the patch in a graphical format. When completed, our experts open it in a computer for digitization. It will serve as a framework on which the project would be based.

Our experts make sure the patch is focused on the design and the patch is in the center of the outline it should. From Start to finish of all digitization projects we work on we follow strictly regulations and keep to your specifications.

If you’re looking to get Custom patches done for yourself or your clients, here is the place to customize patches such that you or your clients may achieve a high professional job. We are here to offer you the best complex digitization service to take your designs to another level and for the best price in the industry.

Cap Digitizing

Custom digitization services for a cap to give that sleek and professional feel. We provide digitization on caps for the best available prices in the industry.

Left Chest Digitizing

For top-notch left chest digitization of any kind, Punch & Patches is your best option. We’ve been providing custom digitization imprints for our clients over the years.

Jacket Back Digitizing

The back of jackets carry so many designs, and many can be used for advertorials or just brand awareness. Punch & Patches is there to give quality and bring the back of your jacket to life with beautiful custom digitizing designs.