Digitizing is the science of converting any artwork such as a company logo or team emblem into a stitch file that an embroidery machine can sew on a garment. It’s the first step before any design can be embroidered. This art needs years of practice and hundreds of designs to become a professional digitizer.

At Punch & Patches our digitizers  have both. If you’re looking to get something digitized, you are in the right place. We offer the best digitization service at very reasonable prices.  Click here now and see it for yourself.

Cap Digitizing

Cap logo digitizing is one of the most commonly used and yet problematic areas where mastered digitizing skills are required to do it right. We provide this service on a very competitive market price.

Left Chest Digitizing

Left chest digitizing is one specialized field that requires extensive training and lots of experience to be mastered at. For someone, who wants to stand out among the lot or for businesses who are looking to market their brand or increase their visibility, this is the ultimate option.

Jacket Back Digitizing

Jacket back digitization is one unique component out of all the embroidery digitization. What makes it hard is the amount of energy and time required to execute it precisely. A highly mastered and experienced digitizer is required to make sure each stitch is made properly. You are in luck, we have them under our roof.