Embroidery is a very good option when you are thinking about logos for your brand but it doesn’t mean that Screen Printing is a bad option.  Printing has its own benefits when it comes to precision and clarity.

Our clients often ask which one is the best Embroidery or Screen Printing. Today we will explain everything there is to know about Embroidery and Screen Printing with the help of step by step process. Both have their own pros and cons.

Before we jump into this comparison please keep these points in mind while selecting Embroidery or Screen Printing.

  • Not all fabrics can be perfect for Embroidery nor for printing because some fabrics are good for Embroidery and other good for Screen Printing printing.
  • Small logos are good for Screen Printing but if you have large logo than Embroidery is best option.
  • If you want to design your business shirt, Polo shirt, jackets or caps Screen Printing will be your best shot.

1) Which one lasts longer, Embroidery or Screen Printing?

When we talk about the durability between screen printing and embroidery then embroidery is always better because its durable and lasts longer than screen printing.

2) What can be done easily Embroidery or Screen printing?

Embroidery is tougher than screen printing and it can take hours if you are running a big design. On the other hand, the screen printing process is different and takes lesser time.

3) What is cheaper Screen Printing or Embroidery?

Screen Printing is always a cheaper option if you have a low budget. Embroidery is expensive than screen printing because it requires both, time and effort.

4) What provides more professional looks, Embroidery or Screen Printing?

Embroidery is good for a professional look, it is best for your business logos on uniforms, caps, business shirts.

Screen Printing is always a good option for casual t-shirts, stylish hoodies, and others, most people wear designs with screen printing informal occasions.

5) Which Design you are making on your garment?

If you have a complex design then screen printing is good because it’s unique techniques, printing visible more clearly than embroidery even smaller design.

Embroidery will be good for a simple and easy design that looks extremely durable.

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