We turn highly detailed models into a photo-like full-color patch! We make these patches from polyester materials and give your uniform, jacket, hat, cap, shirts and any other garment and accessories like cups, badges and so on,sublimation effects.
At Punch & Patches we provide sublimated for patches emblems, small and complex designs. These are made using the strategy of sublimation involving different inks which are permanently heat-secured on the patch materials. Easily tailor your sublimated patch around your exact needs, with your frontier choice with us.
Definitely, Sublimation patches are just an outstanding accessory for celebrations or fabric specifications.

Product Print

Punch & Patches provides sublimated prints services on products, gifts and related items. With our state of the art tools and professionals at hand. We guarantee the sublimated prints as clear and precise as our clients want. We provide everlasting sublimated prints that glow with quality on any product.

T-shirt Print

Whether it be a uniform badge or custom designs on T-shirts, Punch & Patches is the go-to place for such service, and we deliver only quality. We also take cognizance of various t-shirts textures and their varying sensitivity while placing prints.

Logo Print

Do you need the real-life graving of your logo? Punch & Patches have been doing this for over a decade and we would professionally provide sublimed logo prints while keeping the original logo effects or even making it better.